About Tour Pirate

Tour Pirate is a specialized day tour company based out from Bangkok, offering different types of tours, excursions, activities & shows. We operate most of our tours as well as consolidate and distribute variety of tours all across Thailand.

Tour Pirate at present offers more than 100 tours across different destination in Thailand, each tour comes with a unique experience which will leave you craving for more and more. We are continuously striving to add more tours to our portfolio, which would be innovative and give a different dimension to your vacation.

Tour Pirate is a brand from the house of Travstore Travel Management Co. Ltd, which is a leading Thailand Destination management company. Being a seasoned player in Hospitality arena in Thailand, Travstore have been able to build a unique network of different service providers. This gives us an unmatched advantage to serve you with utter most satisfaction. Around 2500 travel agents across the globe solely rely on Travstore to provide services in Thailand.

Tour Pirate have a skilled and dedicated local team at our offices which has anchored our presence in 15 locations from Chiang Mai in North till Phuket in South. We ensure that our customers never feel far from home, and they get served at a very personal level.

When you book with Tour Pirate, you have chosen a local with expertise in serving tourists with Thailand in their heart. Maximum online tour providers are just a market place for suppliers to sell their tour products, in such cases customer service goes for a toss and immense risk hovers above the tourist head. Unlike TourPirate which is a designer, operator & retailer of the tour products which are there to be enjoyed by our valued customers. Not to mention that the amount of risk is negligible and the customer service is at its best.

As mentioned above Tour pirate team being an insider, we are actively at your disposal for support related to tours during your stay in Thailand.


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