Cartoon Network Water Park Pattaya

7 Hours

Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park Pattaya -Shared Transfer

Cartoon Network; the name that brings a smile on every kid born after the 90s. Growing up watching cartoons, this is no less than a cult icon for millions around the world. And to bring a tinge of Nostalgia and a cool splashing release from the burning Pattaya Heats, comes the Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark


13 Different Rides at one Water Park

Meet face-to-face with Ben 10, The Powerpuff Girls, Jake and Finn from Adventure Time

Cartoons come to life in specially choreographed performances.

Best Place for Kids and Family

Get your cameras ready to click some amazing pictures of your kids enjoying.


Entry to the Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park Pattaya

Round Trip transfers from centrally located hotels in Pattya


Any Drinks or Meals

Carnival or Optional Games


Tour Description

  • A mere twenty minute drive from Pattaya, comes this fascinating wonderland, ready to fetch some unforgettable memories to your Thailand trip. Just like in a fairy tale, we will find this alluring fun-land, right in the middle of nowhere on a scarcely populated highway. And from the moment we step inside, every view is so magical, it brings out the inner child in you.
  • With some of the heart pounding rides here, it will turn out to be an unforgettable day for the adventure loving and thrill seeking grownups too. Everyone will find their own favourite, but the Alien Attack ride, with its little story line and cinematic touch to the gravity defying twists and turns will assuredly give you an unexampled experience.
  • Not every average theme park takes you to a bone crunching 0 to 2.5Gs in less than 2 seconds and then rinse you around a 360 degree loop, unless it is Amazone’s Goop Loop. You can feel the heart pounding even before the ride starts and believe me, to have an experience as close as this, you might need to get into a fighter jet manoeuver.
  • The Omnitrix ride is one more to add on your must do-s, which takes you on a roller coaster ride twisting enough to take you to a state of trance and then rushes you into the ‘Omnitrix Dome’, the world’s largest enclosed water dome.
  • And then, the finale of it all, the XLR8-Tor ride; that one long vertical ride everyone looking at it dreads, and every theme park has. Except this one takes you to a jaw dropping 300mph before splashing you with a boom.
  • With all these extravaganza going on, you can’t ignore your craving for a bite. And the food here, is served with a tint of fantasy. If you are feeling a little classy, here is the most obvious solution, the Toonalicious. With a Molteni cooking podium on a rooftop restaurant with a view of the splashing park and the sparkling seas, this joint is customised to blend in with the Cartoon Network theme and satisfy your tastebuds at the same time. How can a perfect dinner with a Powerpuff girl or Ben 10 be ever disappointing! For a more exciting range of culinary options, hit the Foodville, which is a theme park in itself. Ranging from Chinese takeouts to cheesy happy meals, everything comes with your favourite toon themes. Don’t miss the added excitement of Dexter’s Ice Lab, a make your own desert bar which lets you experiment with their exciting collection of Sundays and Gelato.
  • Some of the fondest and bonding memories are formed when you are having fun with your loved ones. Here is set, the perfect stage to have fun with your kids and make some lasting memories. The Cartoonival is a perfect fun ground for the little tots, with dozens of fun slides and water showers to have the time of their lives. Loosen up in the Mega wave, the park’s Gigantic wave pool or try some surfing fun in the Surf arena, the one of it’s kind -Surf simulator. If nothing else works, let the tides drive you around the Raptide Rapids as you lounge on a dual float, or sunbathe on the perfect shores with the purest sands.
  • Itinerary

    09:00 Hours- Pick up from your hotel on Sharing basis to transfer to Cartoon Network Water Park

    10:00 Hours- Reach Water Park and enjoy exciting rides and play with your favorite cartoon characters

    18:00 Hours- Transfer back to your hotels after a wonderful day!

    SIC Tour operates Twice a day: 9:00 Hours and 11:00 Hours. Please book as per your convenience

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