Elephant Day Care

9 Hours

Elephant's Day Care Chiang Mai

For all you animal lovers, and countrymen out there – we have an interesting day planned out for you. Thailand, unlike what you would like to believe is not all about the glitz, glamour and beaches! If you want to get away from the stereotypical touristy, Thailand things to do, there is a side to it which not too many people know about. This day – will be dedicated to the elephants and a lot of activities with them, the locals and nature! Get set for an off-beat, interesting and fulfilling day ahead


Take an advantage of the once-in-a lifetime opportunity for Elephant Day Care

Enjoy a walk with elephant roaming in Jungles of Chiang Ma

Have a Magical experience with elephants by taking care of their daily routine activities


Round Trip Hotel Transport

Mahout Clothes

Local lunch

Tea or Coffee

Elephant Foods

Accident Insurance


No Elephant Riding

Tips or gratuities

35THB Per/ Person fuel Cost


Tour Description

Its going to be an early start, so we recommend you be well rested! You will be picked up from your hotels in the morning at 8:00 a.m., and will head to Baan Meung Kud i.e. a village. This village Is in Chiang Mai and is very famous for its local culture.

As soon as you reach the park, you will be given the gear of the locals, to help you to feel a part of the whole process which is to follow. Once you’re all set in local gear, the elephant care process will start!

You will begin by harvesting their food! Groups will harvest different elephant foods depending upon the season such as grass, banana, sugarcane and more! There are a lot of elephants to feed, and there will be a lot of food to harvest!

The next step is feeding the elephants all this food you harvested! However, in order to feed them you will have to learn about their daily routines, food timings, behavior, likes and dislikes! Elephants are one of the most intelligent and intuitive animals. The Mahouts, i.e. the local elephant trainers will help you understand the elephant’s behavioral patterns. You will also be given demonstrations as to how you must communicate with these elephants.

It shall be an extremely informative session. You will see different elephant moods, from happy, to grumpy and in some cases also disinterested and bored! It will be fun interacting with these HUGE yet gentle animals.

Once you have learnt all about these creatures, you shall need some food to carry out the rest of the activities! A local Thai lunch, with the locals in the traditional way shall welcome you! Have fun trying out some new recipes which we are quite sure you wouldn’t have heard of before.

Once you are full, it will now be time to get cooking for the elephants! You will use all the foods you harvested, and more! For added nutrition, the elephants require certain herbs. The Mahout shall explain to you more about the different herbs and their nutritional components. You will use these to cook the food, and make it tasty for the elephants! Now comes the time to put your hard work to test! Feed the elephants and see them enjoy their meal.

Post their meal, you will walk the elephants into the jungle! You shall walk them with the Mahouts, amidst the jungles on the trails. Now comes the most fun part! You get a chance to bathe the elephants and brush them! Have fun playing with them! Once they’re clean, you will walk them back to their hub.

You will have spent a great day with these lovable creatures, and it will now be time to bid adieu.


08:00 Hrs: Pick up from hotel and heading to “Baan Meung Kud”. Upon arrival you will change your cloths into a mahout’s attire.

Enjoy harvesting elephant foods from organic garden like cutting grasses, banana, sugarcane ( depend on the season) For feeding our elephants, learn about the elephant habit, behaviors and their daily routine.

Learn how to communicate with the elephant and observe their body mood from their daily life style. And have local lunch.

Cooking elephant foods from herbs and get a lot of herbs for the treatment to the elephant.

Walk with the elephant in the forest.

17:00 Hrs: Bathing and brushing with the Native herb to elephant in the river and get them back to the forest and time to say goodbye from the elephant and villager.

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