Khantoke Dinner Chiang Mai

Approx 3 Hours 30 Mins

Khantoke Dinner Chiang Mai

The Khantoke Dinner at the Chiang Mai, a little mountainous city in Northern Thailand, is the perfect place to explore the Thai culture via an exotic, traditional Thai dinner in the presence of some of the most talented performers and members of local hill tribes. The food is served on a ‘khantoke’ – a pedestal – while the guests sit cross-legged on the floor, consuming both, the food and the dances, at his/her leisure. A decades-old traditional show, Khantoke Dinner has evolved over the years but continues to remain reminiscent and informative for foreign tourists, especially


Exquisite Laana Thai style Dinner with some extraordinary dishes

Dine with Royalty like the Laana King

Amazing traditional slow-tempo dance show while you enjoy the finger-licking cuisines

Menu Highlights include "Gaeng Hung-Lay", Burmese pork curry; "Gai Tawd" fried chicken; "Paad Pugg", fried vegetable (usually cabbage); and "Naam Prik Ong" pork tomato-chili paste, mildly hot and much more...


Return Shared Transfers from Hotel in Chiang Mai to the Khantoke Venue

Khantoke Traditional Dinner

English Speaking Guide


Anything not mentioned in the inclusions

35THB Per/ Person fuel Cost


Tour Description

  • A pickup from your hotel will land you in an interesting dinner place for the evening. Located on the outskirts of the mountainous city, the Chiang Mai Khantoke Dinner Show is a centuries-old tradition of northern Thai style food served on large platters placed on low-tables as the guests relax on floor mats. Locals celebrate various occasions like Weddings, funerals, and get-togethersxw in the Khantoke Dinner fashion. It is at a distance of 5 minutes from the Old Chiang Mai Cultural Centre. The Northern Thai food is served in a red pedestal tray and a variety of cutlery as tourists sit back and enjoy the various cultural shows presented for their entertainment.
  • The first Khantoke Dinner Show was held more than 45 years ago with the intention of showcasing the uniqueness of the traditional Northern Thailand culture that is reminiscent of the Thai Lanna Kingdom that existed in the present day Northen Thailand. Over the years it has evolved in many ways, the dances have been improvised but the traditional cultural beauty has remained static and as fascinating as ever. These dances include the Candle dance (Fon Thiean), the Sword dance (Ram Dab), the Finger dance (Fon Lep) and many more accompanied by regional music. These culture-laden performances has a final showstopper – the special hill tribe show by members of the Meo, Lisu, Karen and many other tribes. These performances exist beyond the conventional descriptive beauty of dance shows, they’re exquisite and graceful.
  • The Khantoke Dinner Show, that is held in a large built of teak, requires the guests to first remove their footwear before entering and provides for a brief introduction for visitors who are attending it for the first time. A hostess leads the guests to their desired place of seating on the floor with cushions all around. The array of cutlery then makes its way to the circular wooden tray situated on a pedestal in font of you; this pedestal is known as the ‘Khantoke’.
  • The show is segmented into two: the first part begins at 8 pm and the second part, which begins much later, is held in a huge amphitheatre. It is possible to book in advance and get seats on the floor as they are closer to the show. One is also at the liberty to eat as he or she is comfortable eating: by using a spoon or fork or just eating by bare hands – the traditional way. In Thailand, eating with bare hands has much to do with the occasion and place. It is not reflective of any social class and is not looked down on either.
  • A must-see for foreign tourists especially, the Khantoke Dinner show exudes warmth and friendliness throughout. The show ends with the performers inviting the guests to come forward and join the finale dance; the sense of equity and joy that fills up the amphitheatre is worth remembering even on the way as you head back to your hotel after the show is over. !
  • Itinerary

    Pick Up at 19:00 Hrs & Drop at 21:15 Hrs Approx

    19:00 Transfer from the hotel for Khantoke Dinner.

    1915 Enjoy Dinner & Show

    21:00 After enjoying traditional dinner & show, outside the restaurant there will be a fireworks display.

    21:15 Transfer back to the hotel.

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