Ong Bak Live Show

75 mins show

Ong Bak Live Show at Show DC Mall

When in Bangkok, don’t do the usual touristy stuff! How about you try something new, which not many people have, and go back to tell the world of its magnificence? We bring to you one of the newest tourist attractions of Bangkok, the Ong Bak martial arts show! No, this isn’t a usual movie screening, it is a LIVE performance, brought to life for you! Witness the Thai Art of fighting in its true sense, with a dash of music, light and glamour!


Experience Thai martial arts Muay Thai

This show is inspired from famous 2003 Movie - 'Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior'

Be amazed by breathtaking display of professional martial artists

Explore one of the biggest Mall & newest attraction in Bangkok - Show Dc Mall


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Tour Description

  • Who hasn't heard of the box office hit “Ong-bak” which was one of the biggest blockbusters of its era? The movie Ong Bak swept the world off its feet and now the same team which was behind the film brings you a thrilling live performance in Bangkok. Led by master director Prachaya Pinkeaw, a team of a leading production house and artists have created a visual feast of exhilarating martial arts and choreography set against a stunning backdrop from the original film.
  • The depiction takes you back over the years to the small village of Ban Nong Pradu and you will be transported to a different world, a more brutal and cunning world with combat that will blow your minds.
  • The Ong Bak live show is the newest tourist attraction in Bangkok. It is a treat for movie buffs and is performed live and allows audiences to experience the thrill of Thai boxing, mixed martial arts and other exciting special visual effects.
  • In a nutshell, the Ongbak Live Show is a one-of-kind phenomenal entertainment designed for those who crave for a spectacle filled with drama, lights and action. The iconic acts involved in the show are as follows:
  • 1. TREE OF THE BRAVE: It showcases fighting at unbelievable heights with the famous sacred giant tree from the movie as the backdrop in a beautifully created set.
  • 2. STREET FIGHTER: This chase sequence is an adrenaline-driven spectacle with lots of action in the form of free running, ladder climbing, jumping off roofs or over car. Hold onto your seats!
  • 3. WILD FIGHT: Witness the grace and power of traditional Thai boxing when it is pitted against other world’s great national martial art. Various stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques which are the essential components of the Thai boxing technique are displayed here.
  • 4. TUK TUK FLYING: The entire sequence has comedy and seriousness well knit which adds to the acrobatics and the marshal arts sequence which is to follow.
  • 5. THE FINAL BATTLE: This is a magnificent showdown inside a crumbling cave! The ending of Ong Bak is a grand spectacle of Thai martial arts which defies all rules of gravity and leaves one stunned and gasping for breath!
  • Apart from this visual arts entertainment, there is also shopping involved! Also, the crowd expected vibrant and international, with a mix of the locals. The parking space provided is immense and this prime area has a capacity to hold 100,000 tourists every day. No visit to Bangkok will be complete without a trip to this iconic show as it showcases the best of Thailand in a contemporary, high-energy environment brought to life by amazing artists.
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