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A little on the outskirts of the resort city of Pattaya in Thailand is situated the Sriracha Tiger Zoo. Known to house the largest number of Bengal tigers that are bred on their farm itself and several other animals like crocodiles, kangaroos, single hump camels and exotic birds that peacefully rest in their respective aviaries – the Sriracha Tiger Zoo has much more to it than just tigers. From watching animals feed their babies to feeding them yourselves, the Sriracha Tiger has much to offer to one and all


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Tour Description

  • The Sriracha Tiger Zoo has a deceiving name in the sense that once explored it is found that the Zoo has much more to offer than just tigers. Home to the largest number of Bengal tigers, – all of which are bred on their farm – crocodiles, kangaroos, single hump camels and exotic birds that peacefully rest in their respective aviaries, it is a destination perfect for a day out with the family. The entire tour lasts for approximately four hours including the travel time to and back from the Zoo. What’s more convenient is that the Zoo provides pick up and drop service which is included in the package that can be chosen while booking the ticket.
  • Established in the year 1997, the zoo has seen a tremendous growth spurt like no other. It has a rich atmosphere of its own; the nature element of it just drawing one in. The tour may begin with the a delightful squeal as a result of watching hundreds of tigers jumping, panting and playing around on the Tiger Playground. The magnificence of the sight in front of you is beyond words. If you’re coming from the concrete city jungles and in the mood to take in a fine dose of nature – this is just the place to be. It’s not all touch-me-not in nature. Things can get very real too because at Sriracha one has the opportunity to actually get close to the animals and touch them. You can hold a baby tiger in your arms and feed it milk. The experience isn't limited to tigers either: one can feed the crocodile by dropping food in its mouth using a long rope. Furthermore it’s possible to take a home your memorable moments of the day by getting a picture clicked with the tiger cubs or any other animal you've decided to interact with. It is an recommended touring site for children.
  • Apart from being able to gently pet unusual animals like the Peruvian guinea pigs, wallabies, and ostriches, there are other highlights that are unique to the Sriracha Zoo. The Zoo allows you to witness some marvelous shows featuring animals performing some of the most glorious feats. Whether it’s the tiger feeding piglets, the pig racing show or the lady with innumerable black scorpions crawling and forming patterns on her t-shirt – there is a surprise lurking in every corner of the Zoo. There is even a souvenir shop open from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm that hosts a variety of experience-tainted items of remembrance that are sure to bring back the memory of this Nature’s paradise even later in time.
  • Following a complete tour of the place, there are sufficient measures for the exhaustion of the tourist as well. While booking tickets and choosing packages, it is possible to incorporate a meal too. Nevertheless the restaurant is open from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, there is also a food kiosk and a beverage kiosk open almost throughout the day where one can grab some munchies, feed their hungry stomachs or simply rejuvenate before heading back to the hotel by the Zoo provided shuttle service.
  • Itinerary

    09:00 hrs : Transfer from Pattaya Hotel to Sri Racha Tiger Zoo (Optional)

    10:00 hrs : Arrive at Sri Racha tiger zoo. Spend Time

    10:30 hrs : Spend Time with the Tigers and other animals

    12:00 hrs : Enjoy Delicious lunch at Zoo

    14:00 hrs : Once the excursion has concluded, transfer back to your Hotel (Optional)

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