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The Underwater World is an aquarium located in South Pattaya. It offers tourists the chance to explore the marine life and experience it in more unique and personal ways like swimming with the sharks and rays and exploring the underwater coral reefs that have been formed over the years. It is also known for its 105-metre long tunnel with acrylic windows that showcases a variety of oceanic creatures as they whizz around, leaving the visitors in awe of nature’s magic. Underwater World also hosts innovative, educational programmes for students as well as general public


The experience of a lifetime---dive with sharks and rays

Enjoy feeding Kois with a Milk Bottle at Koi pond

Enjoy Educational Programs, face to face with Diversity of Aquatic Animals

Happiness & Fun is waiting for Kids, Families & Nature Lovers!!!

Learn how you can help sustain the Marine life


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Tour Description

  • Underwater World, one of the most-visited tourist attractions of the resort city in Thailand is located in South Pattaya and showcases a rich marine life from around the region. It also offers other programs and activities that are recreational in nature and caters to the intellect of the tourists as well, through their educational events situated by the oceanic view, available to both – the public and visitors.
  • It is a one of a kind experience that begins from the surface and takes the tourist underwater, to a land explored despite the contrary. The journey begins on the surface of the water, with shallow rock pools around, where the tourists assemble and prepare themselves for the fascinating ride that awaits them. Once descent has been initiated, the tourist is greeted with a host of colourful coral reefs that appear to be breathing life. There are some exquisite ocean animals like starfish, jellyfish, sting ray– both huge and tiny – to marvel at. It is also possible to actually touch some of them and capture ocean-dwellers that one may not have seen ever before. The experience of literally being inside an aquarium is priceless!
  • After having been in the waters for a considerable amount of time, one approaches a 105-metre long underwater tunnel – an Underwater World exclusive – that has acrylic windows, is filled with water and houses a variety of underwater predators and some spectacular shoals of fish that leave one in awe of all the beauty that usually remains hidden from our eyes, in the depths of the unexplored. This tunnel showcases almost 500 different species that inhabit the oceanic world and can hold upto 38 million litres of water. The ultimate marine life experience, this attraction is a great testimony of talent for both, nature as well as man.
  • Another thrill offered by the Underwater World is an opportunity to actually get a first hand experience of what it would be like to get underwater and dive with living beings like sharks and rays. To face the ocean-beast all by yourself can be a little challenging but fret not for you will be provided with a diving instructor for your safety, who will be right next to you as you swim and interact with sharks and rays. One can also swim and explore the Coral Reef Tank at their own leisurely pace.
  • Underwater World is not only a tourist destination, it is also an interactive, educational learning centre with programs specifically designed for students and general public. These programs can be experienced by anyone. They focus on increasing awareness regarding conservation and possible actions that the youth can take – all of this whilst leaving them with a hint of wonder. These programs are dynamic, innovative and always being improvised upon in order to provide the best kind of education.
  • Once the show is over, which takes a little more than an hour, there is a mini cafe to wear off all the exhaustion from the tour. Delicious food priced at fairly reasonable prices, it is definitely worth a try. Afterwhich you can head back to the hotel.
  • Itinerary

    Pick Up anytime from 10:00 Hrs. (Closed at 18:00 Hrs).

    Pick up from the Centrally located Hotel in Pattaya and Drive to Underwater World Pattaya

    Enter the amazing aquarium where you can find amazing marine species around the area and the world

    Gaze at these mesmerizing creatures and learn about them by reading the placards and listening to our professional guide's commentary

    Then dive with sharks and rays while your friends and family watch from inside the tunnel. (optional)

    Enjoy yourself with your family feeding Kois with a Milk Bottle at Koi pond

    Then join the Ocean Class which is a Learning Center for small adventures. You will definitely have a great time by taking these Educational Programs,face to face with Diversity of Aquatic Animals

    It takes approximately 2 Hours to explore the entire premises. After a day full of Fun, Thrill and Educational activities, It is time to say good bye to these beautiful eye catching fishes as they ever last in your camera and memories!!!

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